The emperor has no clothes on

After World War II, the allies, led by the USA, occupied Japan and was responsible for its rehabilitation. The Japanese fought a fierce war in which they refused to surrender. They preferred suicide, instead of surrender. This is what made a war with Japan so difficult. They would fight until literally no-one was left standing.... Continue Reading →



I was sitting in class I couldn't pay attention All I could think about was after school detention   It wasn't my fault I swear it's the truth If you allow me to explain I could provide you with proof   The frog wasn't supposed To jump on my teacher's head I firmly closed my... Continue Reading →


My friends and I formed a gang and named it Trouble So, bullies beware We'll reduce you to rubble   Our mission started during break time today It's about time we get the bully out of the way   We sent a love letter to the ugliest, meanest girl we could find Where we said... Continue Reading →

The Robot-Policeman

It is the year 2034 I'm a robot policeman, enforcing the law My heart is made of iron to be scary and tough I can't stand crying, you have to treat people rough   But yesterday a dog licked me in my face He wagged his tail when I said he was out of place... Continue Reading →

In defense of Thomas

I consider it my Christian duty to set the record straight. For far too long, Jesus' disciple, Thomas, had to cower under the label of being a doubter. It's time to give Thomas the place in Biblical history that he deserves: as one of Jesus' most loyal disciples. Yes! I'm talking about the guy who... Continue Reading →

The God of Authenticity

I have a confession to make: I'm currently obsessed with a BBC series called Fake or Fortune (which you can find on Youtube). This programme investigates paintings that may or may not be by some or other great artist. The hosts then do some old fashioned detective work mixed with state-of-the-art scientific tests to find... Continue Reading →

When holding on is hurting you

We all have really bad moments (days, years) in our lives. Those times when you want to close your eyes, sit in a corner, rock yourselves back and forth while whispering continuously: 'happy place, happy place...” One of those moments (years) came about 4 years ago when I had my 4th and final miscarriage. We... Continue Reading →

The heaviness of rejection

One of our biggest fears are that the lies people tell about us are true. We wear these lies like an iron cloak. It weighs you down every time you want to get up, but somehow you keep on wearing it. One day you picked it up, put it around your shoulders. You somehow decided... Continue Reading →

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