I had the brilliant idea to fast for Lent this year (something I've only done once before). And I had the even more brilliant idea to fast from TV. I just luuuurrrve me my series (read in Southern American accent), so this was a big deal – and of course proof of my piety. Two... Continue Reading →

Just like the first Passover

I've heard many theories about World War III. It will start due to a shortage of water. It will be about oil. No, it will be about the disputed islands in the South China sea. And then, World War III arrived. And it wasn't oil. It wasn't water and it wasn't about islands. It's the... Continue Reading →

As strong as an injured lamb

I once had a friend who felt God told him to compile a list of 10 qualities he would like to see/have in his future wife. Low and behold, when he finally met her, she possessed all of those qualities. In my ignorant 20's I took it as “sign/confirmation/most-probably-me-trying-to-cash-in-on-the-10-wishes-thing” that I should also compile a... Continue Reading →

The year of the Crown

Like everyone on earth, I've been affected by the Corona virus. Nice! So, one night I'm going to bed and just before I fall asleep, this verse pops into my mind: "You crown the year with your goodness, your paths overflow with rich food." Ps. 65:11 Since "corona" means crown, I thought it was particularly... Continue Reading →

As unpopular as David

I've recently decided to read the Bible again from cover to cover. And even though I know the stories well, I often found myself cringing a bit with all the weird people in Jesus's family tree and I often really hoped that atheists don't read some of the passages. And please, all atheists, stay away... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Reward of Loss

When my first child was born, the trouble and struggle it took to take care of him, took me by surprise. I tried to avoid the inconvenience of a new baby at all cost. I shifted a lot of my responsibility on my poor husband and I tried everything not to get up at night... Continue Reading →

The emperor has no clothes on

After World War II, the allies, led by the USA, occupied Japan and was responsible for its rehabilitation. The Japanese fought a fierce war in which they refused to surrender. They preferred suicide, instead of surrender. This is what made a war with Japan so difficult. They would fight until literally no-one was left standing.... Continue Reading →


I was sitting in class I couldn't pay attention All I could think about was after school detention   It wasn't my fault I swear it's the truth If you allow me to explain I could provide you with proof   The frog wasn't supposed To jump on my teacher's head I firmly closed my... Continue Reading →


My friends and I formed a gang and named it Trouble So, bullies beware We'll reduce you to rubble   Our mission started during break time today It's about time we get the bully out of the way   We sent a love letter to the ugliest, meanest girl we could find Where we said... Continue Reading →

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